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Dang! That's Good
Butterscotch Root Beer is one of the most unique root beers and even sodas you’ll ever taste’ if you love butterscotch and root beer, then Dang! Butterscotch Root Beer is the soda for you! The standard sassafras flavor is augmented by a healthy dose of sticky butterscotch for a one of a kind taste. Drinking it conjures up childhood memories of sucking root beer barrels and butterscotch candy discs. It is well carbonated and fizzes up high when poured in a glass. It leaves a pleasing butterscotch flavor in your mouth long after you’ve finished drinking. Dang! Root Beer is a sweet root beer.

♦ Italian Cherry
♦ Butterscotch Root Beer ♦ Root Beer • 6/4 packs12 Oz Glass