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Dr. Smoothie 100% Crushed

Whole fruit smoothie purees are 100% real fruit delivering over 5 servings of fruit per 20 oz. beverage. Our purees are fat free, lactose free, shelf stable - feature no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. When a 100% fruit and no added sugar smoothie is your smoothie of choice, pick our premium 100% Crushed® whole fruit smoothie.

♦ Strawberry ♦ Strawberry Banana ♦ Peach Pear Apricot ♦ Four Berry Blend ♦ Mango    ♦ Pineapple Paradise

Special Order: ♦ Northwest Berry♦ Lemon-Ade ♦ Wild Cherry Cranberry ♦ Forbidden Fruit    ♦ Blueberry Banana ♦Orange Tangerine ♦ Banana ♦Acai Plus  ♦ Butternut Squash Mango/Veggies ♦ Carrot Orange Vegetable Medley

6/64 Oz